Fall 2011 Best of Term !

Got 2 new Best of Term categories today!! I'm so excited, I never thought that this would happen... I'm still aiming to get at least one Grand Prize, perhaps after this term since we are finally lerning Nuke and Animation, which takes our works to a whole new level :) I'm also learning a bit of dynamics on the side , which may make me do crazier things soon.

Congrats to all the winners !!

Links to the works:
- Character Design
- Texturing (i have a version with a less bad candle, in case i don't update the one in this link lol)

Link to the Fall 2011 BoT page:
- Here :3

Link to my last prize:
- Sculpture
- More pics of it


  1. Leticia - congragulations - this is awesome - you deserve it :)