Asian Girl



  1. <<3 fricken love it! moar like this! yeah!

  2. Hey Leticia dont get offended but I dont get your character design class. I mean the characters you have been drawing they don't look like they live in the same world. I'm sorry! If you can explain what he is making you guys do that would explain things a little. And I apologize because the character design class i took they made us draw creatures and humans that live in the same world. Thank you :)

  3. hahaha it's ok, they weren't drawn to be in the same world!
    We did have a class to exercise that and bring consistency (we had to draw dogs as if they were going to be on the "Open Season" movie, I'll be posting those here soon), but at the same time the teacher encourages us to just draw whatever we like and also to experiment as much as you can, always trying to get out of your comfort zone. I still do have a comfort zone since you see me drawing cute pin ups so often, but at least I try to vary in style as much as I can :) hope that helps you understand what's going on now ahahah