Character sculpture with John Brown

(Concept/ Blueprint)

Some simple silhouette shots:

I hope you like it!


I submitted my work to compete for the best of term in sculpture and see what happens :)
by the way, it's not the teacher who choses the best of term, and you have to submit your work to Bob Ward (bob@gnomonschool.com) if you don't have access to the BoT folder at Gnomon computers.

That's what they say on their website:

"Winners Recieve:

  • Grand Prize - $500 Gnomon store shopping spree
  • Runner-up Prizes - $100 Gnomon store shopping spree

Submission Guidelines
Work must have been created as homework for a class. Student must specify the class that they created the image/animation for. Images must be submitted at a minimumresolution of 2k. Animation and videos must be submitted in .MOV format at24 FPS, 1280x720 resolution (or it will not be accepted). Students are allowed to submit for multiple categories. Submissions must be delivered on CD/DVD-R to Bob Ward or saved into the BOT_CONTEST folder on the Gnomon server. First prize overall BEST of TERM image in any category wins $500 shopping spree in the Gnomon Store. All other category winners receive $100 shopping spree in the Gnomon Store. Make sure the following items appear in the file name:
  • Your name
  • Class created for
  • Competition category
DISCLAIMER: Gnomon has the right to use any submitted materials for use in marketing or promotional purposes. *Prizes must be redeemed in the same term they are awarded. NO EXCEPTIONS.*All prizes are limited to DVD’s, books, supplies and clothing currently available in the Gnomon Store. NO SPECIAL ORDERS.*Prizes must be redeemed in person at the Gnomon Store. NO SHIPPING.*All prizes must be redeemed for merchandise only. NO CASH PRIZES. "


  1. LOVE IT!!! Amazing details, love the face, a bit of asian Buddhist influence?

  2. Thank you so much!
    Well it wasn't supposed to hahaha I just followed the concept and it ended up this way I was wondering why... but I liked it though!

  3. muito bonita tua escultura... belos detalhes!

  4. vc n tem noção do q eu daria pra estar no seu lugar >XDDDDDDD
    mto foda, yon *-* impressionante o qnt vc melhorou nesse tempo!!!!!!!!!
    continue assim! *0*

  5. Valeu pelo comentário no meu blog. Nem tenho o que falar das sua escultura e das pinturas que você fez... simplesmente maravilhosas!

  6. Uaaaaaaau, linda escultura, linda mesmo! Parabéns Lê! bjs

  7. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, muito bom mesmo!

  8. muito bem feita a escultura, adoro os seus trabalhos...e com todo respeito, vc è muito lindaaaaaaaaa xD