Visual Structure - The Phantom Tollbooth

So this is what I'm doing for the Visual Structure class with Andrea Adams , I chose the book "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster  and decided to do a visual development as if it was going to be a movie, with a Tim Burton-ish style but not so much.

In this class we have a lot of freedom to do whatever we want with the book choices we have, and still learning a lot on how to develop the look or whatever is the project you want to do, I think this class is perfect for people that feel like they lack creativity.

We had to read the book in the first two weeks, which actually wasn't hard as it may sound, at least not with the book I chose. Then we had to gather references, do some story sketches, define our color palletes , do some varied character concept and some other exercises to help exercising creativity.

These are some of the work I've done for this class so far:

-Some movie Teaser Posters! (Some of my favorite so far!):

-Some references and Color Script:

- And the Story Sketches/ Character Sketches:

 I hope you like it! I'll probably come up with many more teaser posters and many other things soon!

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  1. Yon, posso fazer um comentário sobre o primeiro poster do The Phantom Tollbooth? Eu só reparei que o "T" do Tollbooth quase tangencia o desenho da faixa do personagem (um rei, certo?). Acho que atrapalha um pouco a leitura. Tipo, não que não dê pra ler mas se vc bater o olho rápido, eu leio tudo bem rápido menos o "T". '-'