Some of the things i've been working on

Hey everyone, it's been a while i don't post :)
I got hired here at Daniel Clark and Associates a little after finishing my course at Gnomon this year as a 3D generalist and Finisher for all the coolest posters you guys see out there ! ;)

I can't post a bunch of them yet, so I'm just gonna share the ones that I could find on the internet so far. Sorry about the watermarks in the Olaf banners... I don't even know why they put them there or who did it lol. I'm responsible for most of the 3D snow, props, rigging of Olaf's arms and stuff like that. As for the Dragons logo, I did some modeling adjustments and the 3D texturing and lighting. :)



Instancing and water (4 hours sketch)

Quick clover test (this probably took me 30 min)

i made the textures myself with a pack i created and that i'm selling on turbosquid. ehehe :) -> http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/745476


Felicia - Short Animation by Arem Kim Part 2

Hey guys, so I finally finished texturing the characters :) For some reason Felicia is looking a little noisy... this will be fixed in the short though. And I like the mom a lot, she was my favorite to texture and model :P

I'll post some of the maps later on, for now i'll leave the mom's skin maps for you to see :)



Felicia - Short animation by Arem Kim

Hey guys, this is a project I'm working on for Arem Kim, who is the director and animator of the short "Felicia."

Henry Zhang is the concept artist, check out his works at http://henryzhangart.blogspot.com/ :)

I just finished modeling the characters, I changed the topology of the face according to the rigger's needs, now I'm finally starting to texture. The mom is gonna lose the straps on her shoes but that's pretty much how all characters are gonna look like!

I'm really excited to watch this short when it's done !


Volcano -WIP

This is something I will be working on with my boyfriend (who is an FX artist) :) He will be creating the lava/smoke for this , I think it will look really cool when finished !

The image on the top is a test render straight from maya, the second is a quick look dev I did comping the lava from the concept we based this on which was done by Andree Wallin and painting a little more on top of it. The sky was also quickly comped in Photoshop but will be replaced by a better resolution later on, and the mountains were done with the alpha library I created in World Machine for ZBrush.

Hope you like it so far !


Playing with Mountains

So I'm playing with mountains  in World Machine, National Map Viewer and Maya :) So much fun! But I can't wait to add trees and other plants. These images are just tests and exercises, so ignore the low quality of textures. But you get my point. :P



Hello ! :) I finally finished my Circus piece !
Unfortunately i didn't have the right tools to make a better looking hair so I used a blend of 3D and 2D... I might do a remake of it later on though :)
The colors don't look too much alike but too much red would make the 3D look weird I think...

But here is the original concept, by Daniela Uhlig, and my texture maps for her skin.


Circus - WIP

This is what I'm working on this week... took me about 2 days to model it, everything has UV's and ready to be textured !

This is based on a concept by Daniela Uhlig.

And this is what I'm doing as a homework for Alex Alvarez' Natural Environments class. :) Which i found pretty fun so far.

We used Google Earth to help us find a spot we like and its coordinates, then National Map Viewer to download the satellite data, Global Mapper to stitch textures together and export GeoTIFF files and Maya /Mental Ray for the 3D.


Slughorn and Tom Riddle Collab

Sorry, I forgot to post this in the blog, but this is the final piece :)
here is a link for Larissa's model

And I would like to thank Cash for helping me with the lighting !!

I hope you like it !



That's right, I finally created my own website, with my best 2D and 3D works , contact and resume :) i will be finally looking for jobs/ internships (hopefully in Brazil, US or Canada) for after my graduation date in June. Wish me luck!

Here's the link for it


Thank you!