Candyland - Making of

I got asked to do a making of for Effects Zone, I chose to do it for Candyland, because it's my favorite work done 100% by me so far!

Here is the link for it, and I hope you like it! :) http://www.effectszone.com/maya/making-of-candy-land-by-leticia-kao/


  1. That's amazing! good job. Hey I was wondering if residents of the U.s. can take the three year program? I'm only a resident of this country. Not a citizen. I heard that only citizens were allowed to take the three year program. Thank you for your time. I also want to thank you for posting your homework. Makes me want to practice before I enroll (if they accept me that is).

  2. thank you! I'm glad to hear that!

    From what I know, as long as you can stay in the US for the 3 years legally, you can do whatever courses you want! :)

  3. Hello! Sorry for bothering you again. I have 2 questions. Why haven't you uploaded new stuff? :( I know time is precious when you are a student. If you're super busy i'll understand. Also is EVERY Gnomon student a super awesome kick ass traditional artist? Have you seen total beginners or what? Would like to hear from your experience. Thank you for your time! : )

  4. Hello!! There's no problem at all ! :)

    I have been very busy, but the real reason why I haven't posted anything yet is that in this term things are working a little bit different, in general, we were more focused on our finals right from the beginning, so most of our homeworks look so simple that it's not even worth it to post them hahaha specially because right now I'm tending to posting my finished works only, I have had some problems with copycats by being too revealing with my homework ehehehe (i see it as a very good compliment though!)

    But to be very honest with you, in my opinion it's actually not that common to find Gnomon students that are truly kick ass traditional artists, even between those who had to get accepted to get in, they are mostly pretty average, I was impressed to see some who don't know how to draw at all but they sure do know a software well enough to do something comparatively impressive with it and that was probably good enough to allow them to get in. So you are not completely lost in case you have absolutely no experience in traditional art I guess, but of course, I still recommend everyone to learn it if they can!

    And no problem, thank you for being worried about the posts hehe ^^ I hope I won't disappoint you when I finally show my new stuff! hahaha

  5. Hahahaha oh that makes sense. Sorry for asking but I like to see your stuff so that I can practice. Yeah my maya skills are alright. But my drawing skills are a disaster! I just started drawing about 2 years ago and i am mostly self taught. I just started taking some traditional drawing classes last summer and currently taking perspective and figure drawing. Im good at perspective. But by looking at my figure drawing skills it seems that is going to take a while for me to draw something good. And yeah you are right. I told myself im not going to Gnomon until i know how to draw human beings properly and paint stuff properly.

  6. The reason why i asked you if every student is a super kick ass artist is that i told you im currently taking a figure drawing II class. Well, everybody there IS a super kick ass artist haha. So it made me think about it. If people here are kick ass Im wondering how good everyone at Gnomon really is. I have a question. I have not taking a foundations class yet. They keep closing the class because not enough students enroll. I was wondering if I should take an anatomy class even though i dont have the foundations yet. This figure drawing class im currently taking made me realize that if i know i little bit of anatomy i might be able to draw better figures. But you know im still a beginner so i dont know.... thank you

  7. hahaha it's okay!
    It's a good thing that you want to get better before going to Gnomon, if you're not worried about time/getting a job. I've been noticing that they tend to teach us supposing we all know a lot more than most actually do. In the end you'll learn everything if you are patient, but getting confused when you are still trying to catch up with everyone else can be very frustrating, that's one of the reasons why some students give up and go somewhere else, I'm seeing this happening. I believe it's actually harder to stay at Gnomon than to be accepted ahahaha it's like you are being constantly evaluated.

    but don't worry about kick ass people hahah, this idea is actually very relative and you have been drawing by yourself for 2 years only. But drawing is something you learn from practice and not from talent as many people might think. The difference is that some discover this "love" earlier than others, it doesn't mean that you can't reach of surpass their level one day. ^^

    I believe anatomy is still considered to be a foundation, so taking this class shouldn't make any difference unless you really want to take the other class first for some reason. xD But you will be able to draw better figures by knowing anatomy a little bit more

  8. Thank you for your comment. I didnt know that it's hard to stay at Gnomon. What I meant about a foundations class is that I dont know about shading, textures, form and the proper use of pencils for drawing. I was under the impression that they teach that in a beginner's drawing class.

  9. Yes it is hard... this school is the kind of place that will drive you nuts if you are not careful hahaha specially if you're living by yourself. When you start the program you will hear the scary stories in the orientation day. XD And will probably notice the people wanting to drop classes after a while. I don't want to make you super scared or anything but be prepared to work your a** off and still have the chance to be disappointed after that hahahaha

    anyways, i understand, i'm not sure about them teaching about textures and proper use of pencils though, unless you are taking a class specifically about that... at least I've never seen anything like this before, since you end up learning most of it by yourself after a while being used to the tools anyway. But if they do, that would be nice too :) not important, but good to know