Term Two

I know I haven't been posting for a big while hehe
this term we were focusing in the finals right from the beginning so there isn't much homework that is worth sharing. Also, I'm not having sculpture classes since I already took them before starting the program. So I also had some time to play around, and this is why I drew some manga arts (and fanarts), using it to train a bit of composition and/or putting characters on backgrounds, I also experimented a lot with painting styles. Kinda trying to apply the things I learned at school. THESE ARE NOT GNOMON EXERCISES.


the character in the right isn't my design, I drew her for a friend of mine. The one in the left is my own 
character though :)

All of the other characters are from Yu Yu Hakusho, by Yoshihiro Togashi.  I believe they are older than me hehe

And for Gnomon, I will show you the Digital Sculpting final, which is almost finished. This character is not going to be sent to Maya even though I like the character a lot, at least not right now. I'm going to add some accesories, adjust some mistakes, hair and other things. I was using projection master to texture him, but then decided to just poly paint (at least to me it's a lot easier hahahah). I want to earn more time to the finals that interest me the most which are texture painting/ hard surface modelling.

Hope you like it!

He was based on a Glaucus atlanticus.


  1. Loving the anime style. I think thats what im gonna do when i study at Gnomon hahahaha. My figure drawing skills are terrible (i have only taken 2 classes so far and i been drawing for 2 years only). If i do that it will make my life easier haha but no seriously love your style.

  2. ahahahaha thank you! Don't do that though XD trust me, leave stylized stuff like this for after you've learned the realistic way, or you're only gonna get worse hahaha

  3. Hey, this is really cool work!