Candyland - final!

I am finally posting the final version of Candyland!

It was finished a while ago, but I wanted to wait for the teacher's critiques.
The original concept was done by Toni Sul (thank you for letting me model it, and for giving me the poster texture!) :

 please go check her work! It's really amazing :) :http://www.tonisuldesign.com/

No it is not 100% accurate I know. I chose to make this model work at any camera angles in case I want to put this on a demo reel later on, so this is not just a 3D illustration, it is useful! ;) hehe


Because of some issues I'm having, I decided not to post my works before I present it to the teachers. Although, I am posting them a bit earlier + some preview pictures on my Facebook page if you really want to see it!  : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leticia-Kao-CG-artist/214744551916410 thank you!

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