Some pictures!

It's funny that many people imagine Gnomon as one single giant and wonderful building but it's not really like that haha :)
I took some pictures, mostly from the outside though, because it's hard to get in and not bother students or people on a meeting... I also don't know if it's okay to take pictures of certain places (I hope my pics are okay by the way) but this should be enough for you to have an idea if you are curious. :)
Gnomon is inside Hollywood's Television Center so it might be a little bit hard to find it unless you know how does it look like. There's no signs saying that Gnomon is there, so if you ask someone they probably won't even know and be able to give you directions. I know people living around for years and they never knew about the school.
But when you get inside, you find yourself inside a maze of corridors and stairs, you won't really know what part of the building is part of Gnomon or not, although you will probably get used to this after some time.... (but I, for example, still get lost inside this place sometimes hahaha). But anyway, these are the places I frequent the most.

The entrance:

If you see this from the outside, you are in the right place:

After the entrance, to the right. The first thing you'll find are the reception, which is near Brian's and Shannon's office at the first door right below the "G" sign and the second door will be the Gnomon Store. The next thing you'll see are the stairs for the second floor (where the figure painting and figure drawing classes are) together with the Patio and the Gnomon Lounge if you want to have a snack :) :

Then, a little bit ahead will be a little corridor on your left, where you can park your bicycle in case you are using one. After this you can turn to the next right and ahead, OR if you didn't turn to the left where the bicycles are but go ahead and then turn to the next left, you'll end up in the same place, where Pixologic, the Gnomon Gallery and the sculpting classroom are. And there's also another place to relax :)


  1. Thanks for sharing Leticia. I was wondering if there are any fast food restaurants in the area. Im the type of person that likes to eat out more than making food lol. I checked with google maps and it seems that there is nothing available close by. I could be wrong. Thanks for sharing keep up the good work :)

  2. Nice, Thank you for sharing :)

  3. this place is "crasy", but at the same time cool. gnomom of Brazil will be the best ushauhsuahsua... "ASSIM ESPERO aushaushaus"

    vlew leticia pelas imagens é legal conhecer as instalações :D

  4. Luis, there are many restaurants and fast food restaurants at the Vine and Hollywood Boulervard/Walk of Fame region, and at Sunset Boulevard (the Sunset Strip) as well, such as Carl's Jr. McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy's, Jack in the Box, In'n'Out and etc. if you go from Gnomon to one of these directions. :)
    There's also a Vons (Pavillions), the nearest market from the school, where they have a Panda Restaurant if you like Chinese food. I find this one a little too greasy though, but it's nice sometimes. They also sell fresh natural sandwiches and a more natural option of pre-prepared food, and the industrialized pre-prepared food on the bigger refrigerators.
    And if you like, there is also this website that I used a lot to order food through the Internet, but this one is a little bit more expensive depending on the restaurant you choose and you have to pay attention if there is a minimum that you have to pay for : http://www.grubhub.com/
    You just give your info and the site will find the nearest restaurants for you.

    Thanks guys, I'm happy you appreciate it!

  5. Wooow, super cool place! "Eu ainda sonho ir pra lá, mas no inglês to pecando feio!rsrss Posta mais que to curioso. Sucesso pra ti Lê, e parabéns pelos lindos trabalhos e por esse blog tbm! bjs amiga. ^^

  6. AEEE! Outro post incrível! Achei interessante conhecer mais as instalações da Gnomon, Lê. E aproveitar pra elogiar os seus trampos anteriores que você tem postado aqui no Blog.

    PQP ein?! Tá muitoo foda a escultura. E nossa, cada vez você me surpreende mais e mais com seus trabalhos. Quando eu crescer eu quero ser empenhado igual você. HAHAHA.

    Continua postando, beleza? Adoro ler tudo e acompanhar sobre as matérias. Aliás, as suas aulas do curso de Digital Production for Entertainment começam quando? Você bem podia ir postando sobre as aulas tbm por aqui neh? ˆˆ

    Valew! Beijaao e sucesso!