I-20 and acceptance letter

Soo... :)

today I finally received my I-20, on an envelope together with a letter from Brian, congratulating me and telling me to come to the (obligatory) Orientation which will be on the last Friday before the classes of the DP program starts, and a confirmation of acceptance which I'm supposed to sign, date and return to the school.

And this is how this letter looks like:

              -Front and back view

              -What is inside

I hope I'm not so late, Shannon called me today to pick up this letter at the school since the mail was returned to them, and she sounded like I had to hurry up hahaha I already payed and submitted the I-901 Form, now I need to make an appointment with an US embassy to apply to an M-1 student visa... I'll try to give you more information about that as all this process goes on.

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