Sad news...

Today I went 3 times to Gnomon, asking about the process to get my student visa... we were all very confused about what to do, because we couldn't contact the Brazilian Embassy, their website wouldn't help while their telephone number had a (stupid) recording telling us to visit their website, and we couldn't just show up at the embassy, because they just don't accept anyone that didn't make a previous appointment. Even though, later, we discovered that this was not really a problem because there was nothing that the Brazilian embassy would be able to do anyway.

One thing I learned today was: try to avoid the most to come to the US with a visitor visa first, to then change it to student visa here. You will probably have to go back to your home country or to any other country with an US embassy, but OUT of the US! 

I came here with a visitor visa because I wanted to stay with my mother as soon as I could, so that is also why I wanted to take some 10 week courses, so I wouldn't be here doing  absolutely nothing. And as you can see, that was a bad idea. I will have to go back to Brazil this week so I can get my visa at an US embassy there (it could also be done at any other country like Canada or Mexico as long as I visited an Brazilian embassy too, and let my country know about my studies here. I am only going to Brazil because it was a wiser choice for my case)

But now, the really bad news it that I will have to miss the last two classes from each class I was writing about... I am really sad about that, and I apologize for not being able to finish the little class-to-class descriptions. The good new is that I will be able to take sculpture classes again on the second term of the Digital Production program, although I will probably miss the last Figure Painting classes, unless the teacher allows me to take the last two again on the next term, if I have time to.

Wish me luck! I need to have my visa before the classes start haha

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