Figure Drawing

I took this course in 2010 summer term

Jack is an awesome teacher! haha He's friendly, sincere and very patient. I don't know much about the other teacher (or teachers) of the different sections of that time, but if I had a chance to choose him as a teacher again, I would not hesitate! :)

You shouldn't expect to end up drawing just like the drawings on their website though, they are great, because they are the teacher's drawings. You don't need to know how to draw before you take these classes, but don't think you'll be drawing that good in 10 weeks, even though you'll still get better, and of course, everything you learn depends mostly on you, not the school or the teacher.

You will start drawing from the very first class, and there will be a different nude model each day you come, so you probably must be over 18 to be there.

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