Other schools, workshops and conventions to go!

As I told you on my last post, you don't need to go only to Gnomon when you com to Los Angeles, there are plenty of other interesting places you can go and learn something. There are many teachers from Gnomon who also teaches in other places, such as the 3 Kicks Studio, in Pasadena. You can easily get there by subway, even though it is a little bit far from Hollywood, maybe about 1 hour or so, but if you are taking Figure Drawing classes or anything similar, use it as a good thing, and draw the people on the subway to show it to your teacher as the homework he asks. There are also interesting classes at The Getty Museum. This museum is awesome! Unfortunately the only time I went there I stayed most of the time outside the museum studying a little bit of photography and when I got inside the museum was closing already. It's beautiful, and if you appreciate architecture I'm sure you will want stay outside just like I did, it is just as good as the art pieces on the inside. haha But here are some pictures I took of the museum so maybe this blog will look more pleasant for you to see! haha

If you like photography there  is the Lomography Gallery Store at the Santa Monica Blvd., and they give very cheap one day workshop. They cost $10 if you don't have the camera, and $7 if you do. I really wanted to take that one but I will have to wait... so I'm just sharing. hehe

There is also a good blog that Alex Oliver, my teacher in Brazil sent me the link and I am also very curious to take some classes as soon as I can, the Concept Design Academy.All of their posts are about new workshops being released, more than once a month.

If you love sculpture, specially the traditional kind, you can try taking classes with Jordu Schell, at his studio. I think there's not so much to say, since you will be taking classes with Jordu Schell himself, right? haha He sure is a great sculptor.

Another workshop for sculptors that seems to be great, is the one with Richard Macdonald. This site is in flash and I couldn't just put the direct link for the workshops, so just go to "The Artist">"Workshops". :) I just came back from the Dawson Cole gallery in Laguna Beach, featuring his works, and I am still amazed with them, it sure was the best gallery I have been there so far.

Finally, and specially if you come on summer, between June and August, there are many conventions happening, just like Siggraph and IMATS. Siggraph is all about CG, technology, you can even be on a interview for a job to a great studio, right there. Gnomon uses to give the students a break of one week when Siggraph is happenning at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year it is going to be in Vancouver, but in case you have a chance to go or if it happens here again, you'll love it! There are many lectures from people who worked om the best and newest movies, every day, all day. About IMATS, I couldn't be there last time, but it is a big make-up convention, and it is mostly make-up for movies, so there is another very good place for a sculptor to be! With many lectures and make-up stores... and I hope I can be there this year :)


  1. Achei bem legal Letícia, como penso em estudar em LA ou Pasadena daqui um tempo achei bem úteis seus posts aqui. Manda ver, tô curioso por mais infos. ;)

  2. Muito obrigada!! Em Pasadena, aposto que vc planeja ir pro Art Center neh? haha Eh uma otima escola, soh nao coloquei aqui pelo fato de nao poder fazer essa e a Gnomon juntas.... boa sorte!


  3. hehe, na verdade pensei na CDA. O Flávio(do THECAB) deu ótimas referencias de lá. Queria até saber se vc tbm conhece.
    Valeu! bj

  4. Hmm... nao conhecia, mas eh bom saber! Eu tava pensando em dar uma passada por Pasadena e ver as escolas q eles tem... qqr coisa venho aqui e coloco foto! hahaha xP

  5. Quanto mais leio, mais vontade tenho de conhecer aí! Ah, belas fotos Lê! Parabéns! bjs