Slughorn and Tom Riddle Collab - WIP

I'm so happy Alex Alvarez let me and Larissa Docolas to do a collab in his class ! She did the modelling, based on a black and white sketch by Cory Loftis, from Disney. her model looks amazing !

Here is the link for her post about it : http://laridk.blogspot.com/2013/03/slughorn-modeling-project.html

she fixed a few things for me, and then I started the lighting and texture, I did the lighting based off of some suggestions given by Michael Cash, a good friend from Pixar Canada, I changed it a little bit , but it's going to be fixed once more after the textures are done .

this is the WIP I posted for Alex's class last wednesday, I already added the rock models, hair cards, SSS and more textures, I still need to finish more textures, fix the chicken and some other things before I call it done. Some things like slughorn's coat are just a shader with color, so no worries about that, it's actually already textured and looking much better in the newer version ;) but I will be posting that next week.

And this is another demo reel project I've done, I'm not 100% happy with it, some textures need a little bit more of grunge and time spent on, maybe some dust. I will be editing these posts later when all the models are properly fixed :) but this is how it looks like so far. It's a Princess and the Frog scenery : 

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