Winged Hussar

Hello again ! :) This is my second model for the demo reel class with Alex Alvarez, I got it from a sketch dump by Phobs (the one below) - I drew really quickly the rest of the feathers at the top to help a little with the modelling.

Here is a little turntable of just his head, done in ZBrush :)

 And its skin maps for Vray SSS shader.
The UV's were separated this way for the still image - you're not gonna see those seams anyway ;P

Hope you like it !! I'll come with a new one in two weeks :)


  1. Whaaat this is crazy beautiful! Really great stuff! Gonna have to follow you and look through your older stuff I think, haha!

    1. Thank you!! :'D I'm following you too, I love your style !! I should draw more... hahaha