Random game models !

I'm finally starting to learn more about 3D for games now, after years only doing 3D for film... I'm still unsure if I'm doing it right or not, but I built these random props that are going to be duplicated on a bigger environment that I designed later on. :) I'm also modelling a character (in a complete different style) for games as well, although this time the concept isn't mine. I've finished the modelling and UV mapping but I'll be posting her later on !

Also, I would like to use this space to pay my respects to one of my mentors, and very first teacher at Gnomon, Jack Bosson, who passed away yesterday which shocked so many people who loved him so much. I owe a lot to this man, without him, there is a lot that I wouldn't have been able to achieve today, he left his mark in the life of so many people, and he is not only remembered for his talent, but also for the great person he was. Thank you Jack, I am so lucky to be your student, may you rest in peace.

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