fox - final

Finally this is done ! :) I "finished" this last Sunday for the class but then I continued working on him during my break, fixing small mistakes mostly.

I'll most probably end up rendering a turntable of him later on. Hope you like it !

By the way, this is Jade-Law's devianArt, which is where i got the concept from. She was very kind letting me use it ! Thank you !

Here are some of the maps that I painted for him, in Photoshop and Zbrush:

Programs used: Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, and rendered in VRay


  1. Thats a great Modeling! I would put that in my game if I had one :)

  2. Ficou uma graça! Olha, apesar da modelagem estar muito foda, a textura é que deu todo o carisma do personagem! =) Vc é incrível! Pq não posta uma imagem mais close do rosto dele? *-*