Fox - WIP

This is Fox ! The concept was done by Jade-Law on deviantart , I modeled him on term 4 for the character modeling class with the amazing Mark Dedecker :P haha
I'm displaying him faceted to show how his model works unsmoothed, like the teacher adviced, it is good to get the form working that way first.We had to model our character's whole body for learning purposes.

I still need to do some work on Zbrush, most of it was modeled in maya only, and this term i'm preparing to texturing him. Still not sure if I'll use Vray or Mental ray for this, most probably mental ray.



Hope you like it so far ! :)


  1. Great character! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Great 3D work - looks really cool! And I enjoy seeing artist's color studies, reminds me of always appreciating the masters before us

  3. woohoooo muitos e muitos parabens Letty :D lindos trabalhos ! DE Primeira hein !!!