From Dust - 3D Environment

From Dust is a game by Ubisoft, I have nothing to do with it :)
This was done for the Vray and the Advanced Texturing and shading classes with Stephen DeLalla and Eric Miller. I based it on a concept i found from this game and changed it just a little and also pushed just a little more towards realism and etc.

It was all done in Maya and rendered in Vray. All the textures were painted and the final image was comped in Photoshop. No, it's not a painting XD but thanks for those who thought it was I guess! :)


PS.: Thanks to Shintaro Kane and all the VFX guys who helped me with the animation of this scene (which I'll have to fix the rendering to comp in Nuke whenever I have the chance...lol) also, thanks to Stephen DeLalla, Eric Miller and Michael Cash for the very constructive criticism! :D hahaha

This scene was really a pain to create... unlike many students, I didn't have a model ready for class, and I had NO idea how to work with fur/cloth/etc.  But I learned a lot, so I am happy with what I achieved so far even though it still has it's defects.

Hope you like it :)


  1. Yon, vc chegou a usar cloth nesse exercício?

    O que eu gosto mais é que tem muita profundidade, e a forma como compôs deixou parecendo pintura mesmo ^^

    Tem gente que chegou a falar pra mim que não era 3D e q vc tava mentindo (haters! o.ó), que tinha pouquissimo 3D e que vc tinha pintado a maioria no photoshop! hahahahah

    Estou com invejinha de vc ^_^

    1. Usei cloth sim!! ^_^ tenho a versao animada da cena, soh q ela precisa ser re-renderizada e preciso acertar o ceu

      valeu!! <3

      mas eh, haters gonna hate! hahahaha :P mas nao tenha invejinha xPP vc anima bem pra caramba !

      bjosss !!

  2. Chorei sangue... , com certeza é um dos seus trabalhos que eu mais gostei e me identifiquei, talvez pelas cores e pelo clima que você atingiu. Parabéns Le!