Fox - WIP

I'm doing this one for the Character Texturing (mainly) and Look Dev finals :) i'll have about 2 or 3 more weeks to finish, so I'm happy I finally brought him to ZBrush and got some nice displacement maps really quickly... I guess that the creature sculpting class helped a lot with that hahaha

I hid the geometry thet represents the fur that is gonna be around his chest/neck so you can see the tshirt texture a little better. I have very few time until the end of this term, but hopefully i will be able to fix the maps for his skin (i think his lips are too pale for example) , and make a decent eye, and hopefully apply fur (i've never ever done that before lol)

And talking about eyes, I did this one, with two color variations, and which is more realistic as well, as one of our assignments for the character texturing class ^^  [[These are NOT Fox's eyes !]]

Hope you like it ! AND btw, if there is any good Maya rigging/skinning artist out there who would love to rig this character let me know! xD hehe I've been trying to do it myself, but that's just not something I enjoy doing I guess (no offense) haha

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