More pictures! (please read post too)

Well I haven't been so active with this blog lately, as explained before I am waiting a bit more to post my works and WIP's and this term we were more focused on the finals right from the beginning. I want to thank everyone who follows me here, even if you don't comment, although it makes me happy to know how useful this is or not. I know this blog even encouraged some people to actually come to Gnomon, one of them even applied for the 3 years course right away, but even though I don't earn anything from that I'm happy to know this as well. It just feels good to know that whatever you are doing is being noticed somehow. :)

You are absolutely free to message me with questions any time, I might take a while to answer but I will do my best to do it (even if you have to send it again lol). Just keep in mind that basic questions like tuition/ how to apply/ what courses are better for you /etc should be checked at the school's website first before coming to me.  I don't work for Gnomon , and I am not necessarily up-to-date to what is going on with their policies and stuff like that, and if you really are interested about the school you should have at least made the effort to visit and carefully browse /read their website more than once, at least, that's what I myself had to do. I am saying this because many people are coming to me and only make questions that they can easily find the answer not only on their website but also by directly e-mailing/calling the school, so sparing my time to give my answer to basic questions like these, that might not even be correct would be highly appreciated, I do have more unanswered messages than I have free time. One funny thing that was also happening is that some were sending me their portfolios and even demo-reels. That's totally fine if you want a student critique but I'm not necessarily gonna take you anywhere with that. I just wanna make this all clear before someone make wrong assumptions of me specially if I don't give you the answer you want to hear or if I say something that might not be true. :) What I have to say is based on personal experience only.

sorry for making you read the long post, thank you if you did!

So here you go, some pictures of me and my friends at school! We all have to work a lot, almost every day at least 10 hours a day. But making friends like these is one of the main things that make us keep going, as long as we are together, there won't be a day without the right amount of fun! If you are planning to join one of the programs you will hopefully have the same luck :D

Drawing/ writing in the board on Friday's LAB

with Charles Hu ! ;) 

All Fall-2011second termers of Digital Production - Chase, Deanna, Meiling, Alberto, Shintaro, Larissa, Chris, Reinaldo, Christina, Me and Brent (yes, from every portfolio received this basically is the number of people that are accepted to this program every term, all tracks together. So work hard, always!)

and the last one is me with my Intro to Maya work being exposed at the student gallery party on 12/03/2011! :) The hand holding the cup of wine is Alberto's hahaha


  1. Hey Leticia! Congratulations on your piece, it looks fantastic!

    I can see Denis Zilber's piece is on the wall (the magician). Was he there, too? I'm a huge fan of his work


  2. Ah see! Of all portfolios received they chose about 12 people. So getting in IS HARD! :( By the way congratz on your piece being exposed on the student gallery.

  3. Danilo, thank you! That work isn't the original from Demis Zilber, it's a 3D version of it that someone else did :)some good artists were there though, perhaps he could've been there and I didn't know

    Luis, I only wonder how many portfolios they receive every term though. The fact that many people are scared to even try might help actually XD hahaha thank you!!