Anatomy drawings


  1. Can you tell me a little more about the anatomy class please? Like for example what did he made you guys do every class and the type of homework he gave you guys. That would be helpful to know before I go there. Thanks :)

    1. every class we would have about 4/5 20 minutes poses with a real model, but each class he would try to make us focus on different parts of the body (bones, facial muscles, torso muscles, etc)
      the homeworks are always a little bit different, the first classes we have to just draw from a picture, on the next ones he would make us draw skeletons and the muscles over it for example. Or your self-portrait and then the muscles over it! hehe

      we don't have enough time to study hands/feet or all the muscles in depth, but we have enough of what an artist should know (we are not doctors after all, we only learn the rules so we can break them :D)

      btw, only now I saw blogspot added a reply button O_O hahaha

    2. Hahahaha! Oh that's cool! When I go to Gnomon I feel like I'm gonna get murdered in the traditional part of the program since I just started drawing 2 years ago : ( haha. Hopefully by the time I go there I am an intermediate artist haha. Thanks for the reply! :)

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