Candyland -WIP



First textures:

This is the new model for Intro to Maya class, we have to finish this in about one week from now. Today I UV mapped and textured some things, I think this one will be so much better than the Alice in Wonderland room! :D

I got this concept from Toni Sul, she has some really nice concepts and this one was perfect for my final because it has simple shapes but it's still very interesting. I had some trouble modelling that little windows in perspective, but the rest worked fine, and it works at all camera angles.

This is not the final lighting! And I think my rendered camera is getting some distortion, I will correct it with the teacher later on, I don't understand how this works in Maya...

I was asked to make a little making of of one of my works for a digital magazine, so I'm probably doing it for this  model here!

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  1. really looking solid! keep up the great work :)