A visit to Charles Hu and the 3 Kicks Studio

I went to visit Charles Hu in his Studio in Pasadena and he allowed me to take some pictures to post here! :)

Charles Hu teaches Anatomy at Gnomon and 3 kicks, (and yes, he is the owner of 3 kicks!). I still didn't have classes with him but I'll probably do next term, and I'm very excited for that! My mom was his student before so she introduced me to him. hehe
I hear teachers from Gnomon recommending his classes all the time, Jack Bossom from Figure Drawing and John Brown were some of them. You will also see many ads of the studio at Gnomon, so I guess it's a place you should know of when you come here.

From what I understood, different from most classes at Gnomon, 3 Kicks is more focused on traditional art and teaches all the basics you need to develop your best artistic skills while Gnomon usually picks the students who supposedly already have that knowledge to teach CG. So I guess the students who have been the right amount of time taking classes at 3Kicks would increase their chances to be accepted at Gnomon for example. They basically teach you what every good artist should know.

This is their website, please take a look at it if you're interested and contact the school of you have any doubts: http://3kickstudio.com/default.aspx

As you can see, Edgar Silva is also a teacher there! :) According to Charles he's the best teacher if you want to learn more about color theory - not meaning he's a better artist than Sean Cheetan of course. If you notice, Cheetan's skin colors are very similar to each other as opposed to Edgar's, while he can still paint amazingly well with his palette. So your choice have to be based on what you need to learn, and of course you can ask the Charles or any other teacher to guide you with that.

So here is the studio's entrance. It's a building with many kinds of businesses inside, so if you see the hair salon, you are in the right place - you just need to enter the little door on your right and follow the signs for the studio:

The pictures I took inside the 3 kicks classroom:

Inside Charles' room (most of the works here are his) :

There's a Steve Huston's painting there, he was Charles' teacher and amazing as well.

And Amy Yung's room with some different artist works (most are hers as well):

I hope you enjoy it ! (and I that I can take some classes there in the future hahaha)


  1. Oh my god i found out about this studio when he opened it. Charles is the man to learn how to draw the human figure. You know I might even go there and take his portfolio preparation class before applying to Gnomon. Over here in New York Im currently taking human drawing classes (head and figure drawing plus anatomy) and painting classes. Do you recommend I take anything else?
    Thank you.

  2. Charles is awesome! I love it how almost every teacher recommends him hahaha even though they say anatomy is something you have to learn but then you have to forget xD
    This portfolio preparation class must be awesome, I wish I could take it...

    I guess those two classes are very good already, another thing you might enjoy if you have time to, would be animal drawing. They say it's good to know as much as you can about animals, because everything made by nature has a reason to be made that way. So you'd improve on your concept skills by knowing that. You probably can learn that by yourself though, once you learn how to draw humans you probably won't have problems doing this, just go to a good zoo with your sketchbook and have fun! XD